knowledge is not... a well-stored memory
it is passed, like the light of a torch from mind to mind
and the flame is kindled as thought begets thought.
it is when vital thought touches our minds that our ideas are vitalized,
and out of our ideas comes our conduct of life.
-charlotte mason

you must interpret nature with entire simplicity,
and according to your personal sentiment,
altogether detaching yourself from what you know
of the old masters or of contemporaries.
only in this way will you do work of real feeling.
i know gifted people who will not avail themselves of their power.
such people seem to me like a billiard-player,
whose adversary is constantly giving him good openings,
but who makes no use of them... if i were to sit in judgment,
i would punish the miserable creatures who squander their natural gifts,
and i would turn their hearts to cork.
-jean babtiste camille corot

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